No Man's Land is a living sculpture organized by Hugh Pocock. It is currently in it's 2nd year of development. This website is a blog to provide information on the project, updates on it's evolution and ways that it can be supported.  


The No Man's Land project has been in dialogue with The Lenape Center about the complexity of making art on traditional Native lands. NML would like to express deep gratitude for The Lenape's Center's guidance and offer of formal partnership.



The location in Delaware County was not within traditional Lenape land. So NML will begin looking for a new location that is within Lanapehoking


Delaware County, New York

The landowner of this 71 acre property has generously offered 1 acre to NML. This portion of land would be deeded to NML in perpetuity. The land would never be owned by a human being again..... forever. The legal goal will be to find a mechanism where the non-human inhabitants would be sole legal owners of the 1 acre.